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[ Theme music for this post:  Dark Knight Rising / Rise / Hans Zimmer]

There's you,  looking back at me,  through those delicate folds in your eyes.    I can see in you what so many men have seen in beauty,  and I am humbled.     From so high above there we are,  sitting on that dreamy looking cloud in the sky,  looking back down at us through a shattered fragment  of a magical glass crystal.    My eyes are slightly glazed, yet some how still pure as I search and lear at you through the viewfinder;  for that perfect shot; that angle.    You have taken a fancy to me and my awkwardness.  It's as if you can somehow peer through the lens of my camera body  and see the dilation of my pupil,  and watching as my one right  eye bats and rolls around the inside of the viewer.

Yes, I am the great  usageaster,  as you can tell from the title of this post,  and am also constantly seeking ways to redefine the things that I love, like when I went clubbing the other night and turned an entir…

Drink your Herbs: Shiso

The taste of summer is always delicious to the senses.   It's that time of year where its muggy and you need a drink to help you mellow out under the shade with the fellas.   A good Heineken usually does the trick, or maybe even a malt liquor or a tall boy.    But a liquor?   That's the sweet stuff usually reserved for girls, isn't it?   What about Boone's Farm, that stuff that isn't actually wine, but more of a 'near wine' like a near beer and that comes in assorted flavors and colors - food coloring?    There is no shortage of the strange concocted drinks that flood American liquor stores and the list continues.   How about Patron XO Cafe, a tequila with a coffee essence?

Here in Japan such experiments with the elixir continue, but albeit with a more natural twist that's neither pervasive nor overdone.   Just a novelty drink that nobody really takes seriously but fun to geek out on at fancy dinner parties.   A good key point to remember is that liqueur…

Peaceful Parks

My neighborhood. Micro urban.   Public parks are the real deal around here. I like how this particular one was designed. Neatly cut grass, footpaths, a public pool, and more. I don't spend a lot of time up here, but it's nice every once and awhile to get away for a bit.   These recreational areas are meant to give the allusion that one has left city.

You see, it is quite peaceful up here and there are plenty of trees and greenery. The local mothers never fail to greet.      Listening to the news you'd think that there was a population shortage, but if you look all around you there's always a mother with child and I think it's one of the nicest things to see.

Getting here you have to take a series of narrow roads leading up a broken causeway. There's a school nearby and they have a girls track team that practices up here sometimes.   It was time to take some pics. I couldn't hide because no object can perfectly conceal my shape and size.…

Zushi Beach

The inkwell ?   

American G.I's with their Japanese brides and babies;  The dregs of immigrants from who knows where; the smell of burnt yakitori  in the air, which somehow mixes with the sand and surf.   You can smell it on route 134 as you are approaching.   Welcome to Zushi Beach, the most American beach on Honshu and the most racially diverse crowd this side of Shonan.    Sure.  There were Japanese there also, but they blended in so well with everybody else that you could hardly tell the difference.    Could this be the new face of Japan?

Zushi Beach is alive and well though, and  people love being there.  They love the party like atmosphere and hanging out with their friends and "fuck friends" of a friend.     I was the only foreigner there.  I felt over dressed for the occasion and totally out of place.    Everybody had a tattoo and something to say.   Can't believe the Emperor of Japan has a summer villa very near here.    

Zushi Beach attracts everybody.    So c…

Long and Slender: A Cup Sake

Two smells I like besides that of a Jukujo momma are:  The smell of the interior of the first shinkansen  in the morning as it pulls out of Tokyo station, and the scent of a freshly cleaned night bus as it embarks on its journey.    Tokyo; its scents; its energy; all create a verve that completely identifies it as the most sophisticated mega-city in the world.     It could be all the black and grey suit clad sophisticrates  that create the stodgiest atmosphere during the morning rush, or the delicate scented  freshly popped canned coffee that blends in so well together with everything else.    I like Tokyo.   There is no other place like it in the world.    I say this because I've been spending more time up there these days and have been preoccupying myself with J-momma-hobbying and geeking out on delicious fusion cuisine.    

Tokyo, Japan is a great pioneering city.   So many great culinary delights have not only evolved here, but have also been created here like the cup noodle,…


Hachinohe has its own beauty.   Its energy can be found along the great Ohashi bridge during a gorgeous sunset.    It could be that wonderful collage of scenery where the water meets the horizon, or the factories plumes of white smoke wafting along the clear cloudless sky.   Even on cloudy days the birds and the sound of tugs can  evoke distant memories of a lost in timeless beauty moment.  If you are standing on this bridge then you are standing on a piece of local history, and the window to the soul of Hachinohe.

I arrived in the early morning via highway bus; the first time by overnight bus.   The first time I came to Hachinohe was by car about 5 years ago.   My gf and I had been through this area before in search of great food and natural hot spring back then, but this time I was there exclusively for the nihonshu and great company.

It was an unseasonably cool wet quiet morning when our bus pulled up to Hachinohe Station.   Being cooped up in a bus for ten hours was no fun, so t…

Bondage and Torture

Was in a remote shoot location in southern Tokyo tonight at a special invite by a large group of professional Japanese photographers.  On show was something called "Baku - Manngekyou" which translates to,  Baku " arrest or bind "  and Manngekyou " Kaleidoscope".     So basically bondage and costume play with a very erotic twist.  The participants are all in their twenties and in the adult entertainment industry.  I accepted the invitation in order to explore the world of bondage play from the perspective of the camera man.  For those of you who know my genre, know that I am the quintessential  Japanese mommas-boy geek; a person with a severe mother complex for the Japanese Jukujo, so this genre with bondage play is totally alien to me.

I have to say that the expose of beauty and pain, and humiliation was absolutely  bizarre for me.    It was almost ceremony like from the way each model was tied and slung up and around on slings, to the hot candle wax and…