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There's you,  looking back at me,  through those delicate folds in your eyes.    I can see in you what so many men have seen in beauty,  and I am humbled.     From so high above there we are,  sitting on that dreamy looking cloud in the sky,  looking back down at us through a shattered fragment  of a magical glass crystal.    My eyes are slightly glazed, yet some how still pure as I search and lear at you through the viewfinder;  for that perfect shot; that angle.    You have taken a fancy to me and my awkwardness.  It's as if you can somehow peer through the lens of my camera body  and see the dilation of my pupil,  and watching as my one right  eye bats and rolls around the inside of the viewer.

Yes, I am the great  usageaster,  as you can tell from the title of this post,  and am also constantly seeking ways to redefine the things that I love, like when I went clubbing the other night and turned an entire group of young Japanese club junkies into to sake imbibing junkies - for that  night at least.    The sake that saved the evening was a new and totally reinvented refined sparkling sake called  "Mio" by Takura Shuzo in Kyoto Prefecture.    "Nihonshoots" is a word I coined  for pairing beautiful Japanese Jukujo models with refined nihonshu, Japanese rice brew,  mainly because I feel  that the two are inseparable vanities.   My own experiences with this rice elixir  was defined by a Jukujo who loved this ancient rice brew.  

The name of the model in the post is the same as the sake I had introduced to the young ladies at the night club.   Truth.  I didn't even realize it until I got home tonight.    For those of you who do not know me, I have been out of the club scene for nearly 4 years, and have just started to reemerge recently.   I went to the Yokohama Bayside last weekend where a crew was playing a really nice mix of rap and house music.  I actually danced!    Slowly my groove is starting to come back to me and things are looking good.    To my surprise the bar had sake and so I bought a bottle and enjoyed it.   I couldn't understand why no one else was drinking this, I mean, of course I may know why.  Nevertheless,  It's my duty to at least lead the horse to the well.    I met so many young, hot Japanese chicks that night, but for some reason all they were drinking were these watered down concoctions.   One of the ladies I was with took a sip of my sake and was immediately impressed.   I sold her on it by ordering it and showing her how refreshing and delicious it was, and how cool it is to drink something refined.   She ordered a small bottle for herself, and then another six bottles for her friends.   It just took off after that.    I think between the both of us we cleaned the place out of sake.   It's too bad the bartenders are too ignorant to see that their purpose is not only to sell, but to also recommend.    I had to teach the bartenders this.

Give you a reason to smile

Batman..? Gotham....?    Could this be my calling?    When I saw The Batman reemerge from that dark and squalid pit, from all the shit, and from all the vile and the evil after failing so many times, he emerged victoriously from that cave.   He had a duty to save the lost city of Gotham from the darkness.  I often wonder, from my own personal experience, whose responsibility is it to inform others?   And whether or not it's the lack of knowledge the decline in sake sales here in Japan, or the lack of interest in Japanese sake....?    I was successful in helping my own students rediscover the joy of sake, their own national drink by showing them through my own passion about what sake means to me.   Now, whenever I eavesdrop on their conversations and see their pictures I see them imbibing on the rice brew and enjoying it.    The club girl I met is super cute and young and has already asked me to attend her dance performance.

Drinking sake with hot looking Japanese Jukujo is what gives sake its ethereal quality.   I recall a saying once by an old acquaintance that if you drink a lot of beer, you lend an air of beauty, even to the unsightly.    That axiom holds true for women who are naturally beautiful, too, albeit slightly  different. The more you drink the more beautiful a beautiful woman looks.

Here is the live interview shot in 1080 HD.  Both English and Japanese.    The audio is a bit loud.  It is safe.

She eats and drinks well, not like some anorexic eyesores, or some prepubescent and underdeveloped types.  I shot this model in full free style where everything was removed!   Amazing body and a wonderful personality.    She qualifies as a ripe Jukujo class woman, as she is over the 28 year old threshold -  She's actually 31 and fully ripe as you can see.    A momma body with its aroma and deliciously smooth tofu complexioned skin.     For me, she defines the Japan experience.


  1. Wow, she is hot:) I like japanese people.

  2. She is very cute Japanese. How you are find these girls. Mr:)


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