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Dating in Japan

Prologue to a series:  My new project for the next six months will be branding this site and making it a resource for travelers and researchers on Japan.   Firstly, the internet is flooded with information on life over here.   Many of the sites/blogs explore the dynamics between foreigner and native from a linguistic and cultural points of view, to racism and how that makes any sense at all.      What you'll find is that my site will be very insightful, totally presenting a more natural and realistic element to the Japan experience.

Dating in Japan:  

Where to meet women, how to approach women, and what to say.

Meeting women has a lot to do with timing.   So far, the easiest way has always been the nightclubs and social media sites.   I have used both of these resources and have met some wonderful people, but I do not necessarily recommend them nowadays as there are so many more natural ways and settings to engage women.   I think a lot of professional women, or at least women who are purposed and know what they want out of life, find the club scene to be underwhelming, especially with all the same come on lines from the same guys who come every weekend, and who are known by everybody.   Japanese women are group oriented.  Many require approval for just about every decision they make, even for the men they sleep with.     This is a cultural thing.   I run an online dating site here. and photo exhibition here.

When meeting women here, the focus should be to use your eyes first.    Before you make a go of it, try to establish eye contact and then check for visual cues....i.e. smile, body language.   It is not illegal to look, however, but leering is illegal.    Nevertheless, it's not a crime to look.    Approaching.

A good place to meet women is a coffee shop, tea house, or bus stop.   By far, these establishments are the best.   Coffee houses are quiet, unassuming, laid back.   Women who frequent these places in the morning are in a very receptive state of mind and are much easier to approach.    The key is to be consistent.   Choose one day of the week, like a Monday, and go there every week on the same day for three months.  Try to sit in the same place as before have a cup of coffee, and read something.    This method has paid off for me.     How to choose women

Japanese women are much more comfortable with a familiar face, and by frequenting the same cafe Japanese women become naturally curious and will be more open and receptive for communication..

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