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August: The Return of Souls

August is peak summer season in Japan.  We can look forward to some of the most spectacular fireworks displays and festivals in the world, ...

How to Enjoy Japan

Prologue to a series:  My new project for the next six months will be branding this site and making it a resource for travelers and researchers on Japan.   Firstly, the internet is flooded with information on life over here.   Many of the sites/blogs explore the dynamics between foreigner and native from a linguistic and cultural points of view, to racism and how that makes any sense at all.      What you'll find is that my site will be very insightful, totally presenting a more natural and realistic element to the Japan experience.

The natural way of course:

Water and trees are in abundance here.   The wood culture alone makes up roughly about 70% of the land mass and with a history of thousands of years.    Japan is roughly the size of the State of California, just to give you a little perspective.

You are nature.   You are as much a part of nature as it is a part of you.  You breath, and fertilize, you exist, you feed off the land, you reproduce.     We are the benefactors of billions of years of evolution.
Japan presents within itself so many wonderful natural elements that you simply cannot pass them up, nor take them for granted.

My ePub on destinations can be listed here.    For PDF form you can go here.    To enjoy an unlimited flow of video blogs on Japan visit my site here.     This site is a resource to so much about Japan from a guy who's lived a very comfortable and well off life here, so you won't here any of the typical complaining about how the country and its people are so strange or different.   Or about the usual tripe about how no one understands me.   Japan is not a racist country, if it was so, I wouldn't have compiled such information.

To get an idea of the seasons click here.   Winter.

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