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Asthma in Japan: アスクロン

Prologue to a series:  My new project for the next six months will be branding this site and making it a resource for travelers and researchers on Japan.   Firstly, the internet is flooded with information on life over here.   Many of the sites/blogs explore the dynamics between foreigner and native from a linguistic and cultural stand point. When you first visit Japan, one of...

( disclaimer.... I am not a doctor nor am I a health care provider.   All information in this post is strictly my opinions only and do not represent the counsel of a doctor).

Pronounce it with me:  Asu - ku - ron

This is an over the counter medicine for people who suffer from asthma.  It works by relaxing the windpipe so that more air gets through.   This drug comes in powder form, so when you take it make sure you purchase a bottle of water.   

Prior to coming to Japan I never suffered from Asthma, but after the first year in Japan I picked it up and found myself wheezing and coughing all of a sudden.    I went to the local drugstore and picked up this stuff called "Asukuron" and took it immediately.  They come in pouches, 24 pouches per box.   Don't remember how much, but not expensive. 

You open one, and pour the powdery contents directly into your mouth then drink as much water as you can.   The medicine itself is quite sour, but within minutes I could feel relief.   After several hours my asthma has completely cleared up.   

I stopped taking this medicine three years ago, and since moving, have never suffered another bout of asthma since.    The only place I know where this can be purchased is HAC Drugstore.    

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  1. This was the best medicine ever my brother got me from Japan!. I get this 3 month ongoing cough that gets triggered due to the weather changes in the USA and Canada. I was it is kind of an asthmatic cough and taking Asukuron 3 times per day for 4- 5 days helped my 3 month cough cured in one week.



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