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Golfing in Niigata

Gold  Echigo  Yuzawa Country Club

And no.  I am not a member.   Micheal Douglas 1993 blockbuster hit "falling down" was and still is one of my favorite movies.    I remember in one scene when he criticized an uppity wealthy white person for building huge and expensive golf courses in the inner cities when he should've been building parks  instead.   Yet, even in Japan there are numerous gold courses all over the island, and in great locations.   Big, extravagant  courses with commanding views of mountains and valleys.   Quite beautiful actually.     Even in Kawabata's snow country , Echigo Yuzawa, there's a huge golf course with some amazing views of the Echizen Mountain range.     There is information online available in English on a wide range of  golf courses in the central regions of Japan, but I haven't seen any for this area, in one of my favorite hot spa locations.    So I decided to post up this info.  

12 holes

2012 golf season 5/3 ~11/25

Higaeri Plan ( Day-use plan)  Weekdays 11,800 yen
Saturdays 6500 yen to 9800 yen

Afternoon Plan:

5/7~5/31 weekdays 5800 yen  weekends 8800 yen
6/1~9/30 weekday  5800 yen   weekend  9800 yen

All information is subject to changes and alterations as this is Japan.

E-mail: yuzawainfo@park-resort.com
url: http://www.golfdolf.co.jp
Tel: 025-787-4111

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