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Tokyo Ramen Show

What sets the Tokyo Ramen Show apart from any other ramen tasting event?   Ramen is just ramen, isn't it?

The Tokyo Ramen Show  is a joint collaboration between some of the finest minds in the industry.   Who ever thought you  could add CRISPY cheese AND CRISPY bacon to ramen?   Well, it was done here at the Tokyo Ramen Show 2012, by two of the most recognizable names in ramen called "Ippudo" in joint collaboration with another heavy weight called "Toridei".    In addition, all of that ramen goodness was served up in a spicy tomato base with vegetables.  

No other ramen exhibition in the world will showcase ramen this way, and at the same scale.    This is not your typical ramen fair, but a dynamic and eclectic mix of chefs using their noodles{brains) to make  great noodles.      
Some memorable bowls of ramen came from Hachioji and Kyushu, even Nagoya and then there were some prefectural favorites from Yamagata, Aomori, and Fukushima.

Here is a list of my favorites:

Nagoya Best Condition Ramen (ベトコンラーメン).
Packed with garlic, Chinese leeks, bean sprouts, pork!  This was my favorite ramen dish.  
Located at C-12

And then, the joint collaboration between Ippudos and Toridei

The crispy cheese and bacon with the tomato  in the middle located at C-12

Another great ramen would be 


Another really nice place where I highly recommend the Skewered meat is at the Hachioji Ramen stall

Thick brothy goodness with these huge chunks of meat.  The pork, eggs, and beef were amazing.  I intend to go back up there just for that.      

Remember, you can purchase the tickets  at 7-11 ( highly recommend).  Try to buy as many tickets from 7-11, that way you do not have to wait in line when you get the ramen show.   Just go straight to the ramen stall and order ramen.   Tickets are 800 each, and the proceeds from it go to charity.  

Getting there:  

Go to Ebisu Station then take the bus to Olympic Stadium Park.   The bus number I do not recall clearly, but there should be a sign in English with information, or you can ask some one.   Buses are quite frequent.   There are a few other ways and station to get there.    I do not recommend them.  Just go via the Ebisu/bus route.   It's easier and faster.   


Last order is around 8:20


  1. I would love to attend this event but wont be back in Japan until early next year. One of the great things about ramen is experimentation and coming up with the perfect broth and topping. I enjoy trying what I think are some of the more unusual ones as they usually turn out to be the best.

  2. Japan Australia,

    The experimentation with traditional and newer methods are what I look forward to the most when going. Thx for the comment.


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