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Mine no Hakubai

Mine no Hakubai ( White Ume  Blossom atop a Mountain Peak) Hiyaoroshi

                          ("Slow cooled and slow aging, yet not aged, but aged to perfection")

Keypoint to remember, full bodied and mellow.    To use such hyperboles as 'water of the gods' or sake from a mountain peak blossom is justifiable when you taste this sake.    But, whatever you do, don't use  words like cotton candy and peaches.    Rather, the  ephemeral qualities of a plum blossom dripping nihon-shu would  evoke a better sense of how this sake tastes, than mere fruit from a farm.     Sake that is naturally slow cooled and  aged through a series of labor intensive techniques could only produce something like this.    When you hear terms like nama-zume, hiyaoroshi, and  honjozo  thrown around you know the sake is going to be well worth a sip.    Honjozo is a term used to denote a premium grade of sake that has very limited amount of alcohol added and is stored without pasteurization.   Nama-zume is heated once before it is cellared whereas regular sake is heated twice during the whole sake production process.     More emphasis is placed on the natural development of the final product than the overly pasteurized  filtration of sake.

"Pours a clear color with light legs.  The nose has a vibrant koji and rice note.  The impact is well balanced. The tail is well rounded.   More koji and yamahai like notes in the tail with a very earthy and minerally finish.  Decent body and light enough on impact."



Seimaibui 65% nihonshu do + 4 acid 1.2 alc. 15.3 %

                                ("Slow cooled and slow aging, yet not aged, but aged to perfection")


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