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Soul vs. Seoul

The dynamics in this painting cast a dark shadow over the misery of war and self sacrifice. The female subjects are beauty intertwined with this misery of soul and spirit, and patriotism.   One, a young Japanese beauty, and the other,  a young Korean beauty.   Two opposing factions united in suffering and beauty.    Mishima had also identified with similar dark themes of beauty and pain in his works, and ultimately suicidal glory.

Shock Art is a contemporary art form that showcases disturbing imagery, like when I witnessed Mr. Aida Makoto masturbating in one of his private exhibitions in downtown Tokyo the other night.  There was something disturbingly fascinating about a grown man pulling his penis over the kanji of "beautiful young woman / bishojo 美少女"  as throngs of people watched on flat screen display.  Almost similar to when the late Mr. Mishima Yukio's ejaculation over the depiction of St. Sebastian, a male, nevertheless, was beautiful  in his own mind.   Shock …

Snow Balls Against my Window

I was awoken by a powder ball that hit my window in the form of snow at around 7am, just before breakfast.    My room was located on the far side of the Grandia where the best views of the mountain and pines are, so whenever there's a strong wind coming in from the mountain,  mounds of snow would come flying against my window, soft powdery snow.     I opened the curtains that morning and I could see little kids marching to their training area to learn how to ski.    I never had it so good when I was first introduced to skiing.    Your best friend and your girlfriend cannot teach you how to ski.   They are the worst teachers and I should've never listened to them.   I am scarred for life.  

That morning it was minus 15, and there was no way I was going out there to ski down a mountain, so I got my toiletries together and headed down to the outdoor hot spa instead to watch other people ski.    I could be a cheer girl for the morning.     I do my routine, get shaven, brush my teet…

The Beauty of Nakazato

I look out and touch the sky, I can feel around with my senses the allure of winter burning at the tips of my fingers.   I know it is beautiful, but to feel it is quite different.   Like you're staring at a glass christmas  ball with the little figurines and artificial snow inside.    Winters are my favorite time of year and I am back to doing what I do best; admiring the beauty of Japan. From that ice cold wind whipped ride down that mountain top down, to that bubbling hot steamy bath,  I can finally thaw my fingers and bones out, each and every bone.   I am home in the womb of my desire.    I was barely able to peel away the thick clothing and wrestle off that beast of a jacket.    I peeled away those water soaked socks and thermal underwear.    Knees and legs still frozen to the bone.    I am home in the womb of my desire.   Born alone and standing on your own.

You may or may not have had a chance to see the rugged backbone of Minakami, nor the beauty  scattered  about the n…

House & Sake: New Year's Therapy

Shout out to Tokyo's Eleven Lounge, staff, and crew for the all-you-can-drink sake/nihonshu.   Also, special shout out to Ron Trent and Chez Damier, both amazing DJs  who rocked the house on New Year's Eve 2012.    What a way to kick off  2013 the right way.   Old school house music.    The real star though was Chez Damier, a spiritual  beats healer, a man who has taken the whole music genre of house and elevated it to the next level with his deep chest pounding syncopations.    What a night.    I was truly moved.

Tokyo, Japan is one of the most exciting and craziest places in the world to ring in the New Year.       Some of my fondest memories of all night binge drinking parties with the fellas was simply unforgettable here.   So, on the eve of New Years  2012, I headed back out to Tokyo, but to  Nishi-Azabu this time, about a 15 minute walk from Roppongi to the legendary Eleven Lounge a club known for its all-you-can-drink sake and house music.    I never imagined the conce…