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Test Shots: A Literotica

I will illustrate for you some dos and donts about photographing women.    The rule of thumb here is to work on mastering good focus and exposure techniques before a photo shoot, and not to rely solely on your camera to shoot sharp images every single  time.   Often times manually focusing your lens is better than auto-focusing it, especially if you are shooting close ups.    No matter how expensive the camera is, you cannot rely on your lenses to take crystal clear sharp pictures 100% of the time, in every situation.   You need to work on manual focus, too.    If you use Canon DSLRs then you can get into the AI servo mode and shoot pretty accurate compositions, especially if the model is moving around a bit, or you want to move around yourself.   

Choose your subject according to your own personal taste.   Your photography will not always appeal to the masses.     Determine why are you shooting your subject.    What do you want to bring out?    I like to bring out some light wrinklin…


February should  read Febrewerary [ Horan Shuzo K.K.]

One reason is because many sake breweries  open their doors to the public around this time.   Another reason is because you get to try a lot of young sake which tend to embody the taste of spring; young and fruity.    February is the coldest time of year in Japan, and it is also the most exciting time to be here.  Why?  Seafood and Japanese sake is why.  Unlike other blogs, I am not going to list up all the different and more exotic seafoods to try; it would be too time consuming and as a result less informative; I do not expect you to memorize every single dish.    I recommend sticking with domestic fatty tuna, slightly at room temperature and good nihonshu.

February is not winter in Japan, it is spring.    It feels like winter though, it even snows.   The other day I was invited to attend a sake tour by one of my good friends and drinking buddies "Isa."     All throughout February and March I am busy making my rounds to…

Bar Noble

Bar Noble

Yokohama is a port city known for its vibrant craft beer scene, Chinese food, and sports bars.   Rarely do you ever hear of there being a real traditional bar establishment, especially one catering to the more sophisticated crowd.    Bar Noble is that bar, and is perhaps the most upscale bar I have ever set foot in, and is on a par equal to that of the great bars in Midtown, Roppongi Hills, and the Ginza.      When passing through the  wooded doorway you instantly identify with the timeless beauty and allure of what I consider to be a classy bar.     

When a real bar comes to mind  I think of gorgeous mahogany counter tops, dimly lit ambient lighting arrangements, well-dressed bartenders with stoic faces, a light tune playing from some distant speaker somewhere, by some forgotten great whose name I can quite remember, but is somewhere on the tip of my tongue.    I love the extra added care and attention to detail placed on my drink, and the level of service and special care…

Letters From the Left

Conservative right leaning piece:  Message from a lefty.

A Right Wing Piece
Letters from the Left

[QUOTE=Yokohammer] Arrogant, presumptuous ... let me guess: was your little heart broken because you were discriminated against as a child? You're overcompensating big time, soul of Japan, and it's not going to win you any friends, Japanese or non..[/QUOTE])
[ No, I have never been discriminated against.   At least not that I was aware of].   
Pray tell, exactly how long have you been here? Do you speak, read, and write the language well enough to have absorbed the culture's representative literary works in original form, for example? How about Nihon shoki? The Kojiki? In what capacity have you worked with the Japanese, within their own system and for a substantial length of time, that has brought you such enlightenment? Through what social activities, other than drinking and trying to score jukujo, have you cooperated closely with the Japanese on a daily basis over a period of …