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Top Sake Picks for Spring

Spring came unseasonable early this year, but that's okay because  sake can be enjoyed all year round.  

The top sake picks for spring 2013:

Takachiyo Shuzo  came  out on  top with its world-class Junmai Daiginjo, Muroka Nama Genshu, and Kasumi type sake; just remember the red and purple labels as these  sold out quickly and were amazing.   A key flavor profile would be the snappy tail at the finish with full on flavors  of deep berries and flowers.   Sake breakdowns are proprietary  as they do not post this information on their website.  They have a fanpage in English.    Facebook Page

Taiyo Shuzo : Like-able and is definitely on its way to becoming more of a contender in the sake world.   Look out for their Ginjo-shu.   

Asazuma Shuzo - Best pickled food pairing with sake goes to Asazuma for its  well balanced texture and overall dryness.  
Koshitsukano shuzo:  Great.   This is a small brewery but one with enormous potential for appealing to a much more diverse crowd.   Could be po…

One Man Died For All

Answering the Questions in the pamphlet:

1) A white person in the form of Jesus Christ sent to spread white worship all across Asia.    It worked in Korea and China and in the United States and in Vietnam.

2) According to scripture the death and resurrection of Christ is supposed to make it possible for us to go to heaven as long as we ask Christ to forgive us of our sins, no matter how many times we sin.   Jesus loves us all and made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.   No other person could represent the savior of the world, but a white man.   Had this pamphlet had an Asian face or a Black face hanging on the cross people would simply throw it away.   Jewish people come in a variety of different shades and persuasion, why a white face?    Are there no Black Jews?   Are there no  Asian Jews either ?  Yes to both.   Are there white jews?   Yes.  But they were considered Paradesi Jews from southern Europe who were recent newcomers in the 15th Century, and who were eventually accepted…

Onigiri-ya Shirayuki

Onigiri-ya Shirayuki

Address: 新潟県十日町市寅甲127−1, 948-0000, Japan Phone:+81 25-757-8516

The significance of this post has a lot to do with rice and Japanese nihonshu.   Onigiri is known as rice ball in English.    In fact it is not a rice ball; more like a rice triangle stuffed with various toppings and is often  associated with lunch.    It is a comfort food that's widely enjoyed by just about everybody needing something quick, delicious, and healthy.   Niigata Prefecture is home to Koshihikari, a premium grain of rice exclusively grown in this region; other prefectures now grow their own variation of koshihikari.  Jilin, China also grows its own style of koshihikari as well.  However, real koshihikari is most associated with Niigata Prefecture and it is here that you can enjoy so many local brands that are incredibly delicious.       In the picture below you see something called yakionigiri, a slightly burnt variation of onigiri topped with miso.   These are heavenly.