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One Man Died For All

Answering the Questions in the pamphlet:

1) A white person in the form of Jesus Christ sent to spread white worship all across Asia.    It worked in Korea and China and in the United States and in Vietnam.

2) According to scripture the death and resurrection of Christ is supposed to make it possible for us to go to heaven as long as we ask Christ to forgive us of our sins, no matter how many times we sin.   Jesus loves us all and made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.   No other person could represent the savior of the world, but a white man.   Had this pamphlet had an Asian face or a Black face hanging on the cross people would simply throw it away.   Jewish people come in a variety of different shades and persuasion, why a white face?    Are there no Black Jews?   Are there no  Asian Jews either ?  Yes to both.   Are there white jews?   Yes.  But they were considered Paradesi Jews from southern Europe who were recent newcomers in the 15th Century, and who were eventually accepted into some groups.  Ethnic Jews look nothing like the picture you see in churches and pamphlets, but are merely interpretation by white people of how the saviour of the whole world is supposed to look is a distortion.

3)  Remembering him is important because it reinforces white worship - soft power paradigm.

What exactly is white worship?   Is there even such a term?    Some asian women will claim that there is a fascination  with blonde hair and blue eyes, and that white men treat asian women better than their own men and make them feel sexy, respected and special.   This often times makes white men to appear more attractive and desirable to asian women regardless of physical qualities.    People love Jesus for the same reasons.   He loves us all, gives us salvation, promises us a better life if we follow him and obey his command, and he accepts us for who we are with all of our imperfections.   This is the same gimmick whites employ initially in order to gain the trust of the victim.     White worship could be defined as a person who loves and defends white people because the claimant feels that white people love us all and provides for us all on a metaphysical, material, and deeply emotional and spiritual  level, thus the attraction.   The notion of blonde hair and blue eyes being fascinating is merely a vanity associated with  lovelorn Asians who hate themselves and their own natural features.    Self hate is a disease of the soul and the mind.   Blame  their communities and media barons for promoting Western beauty thus ruining the interpretation of beauty.

Every sunday I get a knock at my door from some poor misguided Japanese person who had been duped into believing this scam, and that a white Jesus from Brooklyn came all the way to Japan to save her.    It's almost comical if you understand the whole religion of Jehovah's Witness and its origins.

One of the greatest charms about living in Japan is that it is free from over zealous religious groups; religiously dogmatic and charismatic preachers, and so on.   It is a country that embraces its own gods.  Whether that be a tree god or an onsen god doesn't matter, a god is a god.    I like Japanese gods.   Japanese gods are natural and earth bound and can come in the form of many things, not some so-called white messiah.

"Judaism's View of Jesus." Wikipedia, The belief that Jesus (or any other human) is God, any deity, the son of God, or a person of the Trinity, is completely unacceptable according to every tradition of Jewish law, and incompatible with Jewish philosophical tenets. The same applies to belief in Jesus as the Messiah or a prophet of God: those beliefs are also contrary to traditional Jewish views. The idea of the Jewish Messiah is different from the Christian Christ because Jews believe Jesus did not fulfill Jewish Messianic prophecies that establish the criteria for the coming of the Messiah.[7] Authoritative texts of Judaism reject Jesus as God, Divine Being, intermediary between humans and God, Messiah or saint. The belief in the Trinity is also held to be incompatible with Judaism, as are a number of other tenets of Christianity.   18 March 2013 at 18:01. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judaism's_view_of_Jesus

 (" I referenced Judaism because Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish.  John 4:22, Mathew 1:1,Hebrew 7:14")

The Bible has always been interpreted and re-interpreted to mean different things for different people.  If you are asking the Japanese to believe that a white man from Pittsburg received divine inspiration from god, then I ask you to question your reasoning.     It's impossible for a white person to be the voice of god and the voice of the atomic bomb at the same time, and unapologetic all at the same time.    It is morally impossible to deduce down that a white face could possible be in the image of Jesus Christ.

African Americans have never received a State level apology for the enslavement of their ancestors, nor any compensation for loss of wages and income.   Instead, the government gives them food stamps and welfare, and a Black, according to the one-drop rule,  Hawaiian / American President who cannot pass one single reform to end poverty in America, which effects the vast majority of his own people, or at least the people who look like him.     Not once has he addressed the homeless population in downtown Chicago, who are predominantly Black, nor Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.   He's too presidential for that and would rather sit down to have a beer with his mother's half of the guilt equation than to deal with the most pressing needs of the 21th Century - racial equality.    Rich and poor is not equal.  

The vast majority who live in Japan love the relative calm and tranquility this country has been blessed with, and love the peace and non-white worshipping elements that pervade the atmosphere and the corporate culture, sure the Manga and anime exhibit caucasian features, but that's why this genre of literature is labeled as sub-culture, and sub-human in some instances.

Japanese love the traditions and the ancient myths that pervade great stories like the Tale of Genji, or Momo Taro, even the great Kojiki.   In Japan, Japanese gods look Japanese.     Japan is a type of heaven in and of itself.  You may call it temporal if you like, nevertheless it is a heaven and it's no more temporal than your human self.    Instead, you would ask the Japanese to forsake their own heaven to go live in the New Jerusalem, a place, among others, is  probably full of white Americans and Europeans from before and during the Cold War.    I'm sure no Blacks are allowed through those expensive golden gates.    I'm sure Paul Tibbets makes it in with a heroes welcome.

My point is that Japan does not need your religions, your heaven, nor your false sense of salvation by a white saviour.  If anything, the whole world needs to be saved from the scourge of Western expansionist economic hegemony / world policing / and  double standard hierarchical dogmatism and white salvationism.

Feeble minded Japanese, those that forsake the morality teaching of their ancestors, to follow the teachings of white morality teachers, like when  whites murder indiscriminately in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, or even in Okinawa, and then do not ask for forgiveness is immoral.     Japan has apologized to its neighbors on all levels and has paid ODA, and is still paying it - this is fully documented.   No greater example of world peace and order than Japan.   Maybe the world can learn a thing or two from the Japanese instead of the hypocrisy of it's fellow humans in the West.

The Kamikaze died for Japan.   Mishima died for Japan.   So many great men have died in service of this country.    Too many for me to count.   Only a feeble minded Japanese would rather embrace the notion that a white messiah came down from his white throne to die for  YOU.   And then rise again and drop the atom bomb on you.    Only he would put you in internment camps.   Why?  You wanted to be like him, but you couldn't because you weren't born with the same level of indifference to truth.  And because he couldn't trust you, so he put you in internment camps during the war.    But I guess that was ok?   You did receive $20,000 reparations for all of your troubles.    And it's also unfortunate that many of you cannot speak the Japanese language.   You know who you are,  living in America, the diaspora for so many Japanese Americans who betrayed their own country.    You visit Arlington, but not Yasukuni.  I know who you are.

If you need a savior look from within and start with the man in the mirror.    Make a difference in the lives of others, help another person.   Honor your own ancestors.   Drink good Japanese sake.  Take a great hot spa.   Take a wife and breed another generation of Japanese.   Make progress.   Protect the weak and educate the ignorant.    Refuse white religions like Jehovahs Witnesses.   Their teachings are wholly inconsistent with Japanese thinking.    They are a poison to society and do not serve the interest of the Japanese.  


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