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Top Sake Picks for Spring 2013

Spring came unseasonable early this year, but that's okay because  sake can be enjoyed all year round.  

The top sake picks for spring 2013:

Takachiyo Shuzo  came  out on  top with its world-class Junmai Daiginjo, Muroka Nama Genshu, and Kasumi type sake; just remember the red and purple labels as these  sold out quickly and were amazing.   A key flavor profile would be the snappy tail at the finish with full on flavors  of deep berries and flowers.   Sake breakdowns are proprietary  as they do not post this information on their website.  They have a fanpage in English.    Facebook Page

Taiyo Shuzo : Like-able and is definitely on its way to becoming more of a contender in the sake world.   Look out for their Ginjo-shu.   

Asazuma Shuzo - Best pickled food pairing with sake goes to Asazuma for its  well balanced texture and overall dryness.  

Koshitsukano shuzo:  Great.   This is a small brewery but one with enormous potential for appealing to a much more diverse crowd.   Could be popular with the ladies.      

Matsunoi shuzo:   Super honjozo is what you want to look out for this year.   Think  cotton candy with complexity.

Kubiki shuzo:    Real bouquets are just one example of its flavor profile.  I could go on and on.  

These small notes are worthy recommendations and are from long established breweries in Niigata, Prefecture.   These sake breweries enjoy a steady flow of repeat customers and are simply legendary in terms of how well they embody the spirit of the Chubu, Hokuriku region.     The local rice; the farmers; the water; the mountains; the hot flowing springs; the ancient ways are all somehow in the spirit and soul of each and every sake made.    



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