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藤沼湖: Fujinuma The Devestation

Fujinuma Park & Auto Campsite

The first few years I lived in Japan I traveled extensively through-out Fukushima Prefecture in search of good food, great hot spas, and delicious sake.   My girlfriend and I had a real passion for living in those days, and still do to this day.   

We were diehard campers back then.  We camped in winter, spring, and even autumn.  Cold weather and sometimes wet weather wasn't an obstacle for us, we loved the great outdoors.  It was in our blood.   There was no prefecture in Japan more beautiful than Fukushima Prefecture for us.  It was the land of ramen, sake, beef, and great nature.  We never camped during summer.  

 Today at breakfast, one of my Jukujo moms broke the news that the place was no longer the same after the March 11th disaster and that it hasn't  been restored, just a-washed in mud.  I was disheartened to hear that the place had been wiped out by the March 11th tsunami.  I had no idea the place was effected.  In the video below is what's left; a washed out auto park.  I was devastated.  

Before the March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami


Fujinuma                         After, and what's left is below

Before the disaster, Fujinuma was lush and full of green.  Natural hot springs were all over the place.
Auto Campsite with my red Honda Civil Ferio and Staggs Gear

Our Tent.  The pole you see is a power outlet.
Actual Park
It was a beautiful park and auto campsite.

Words couldn't express how I felt during breakfast, and I wasn't aware that the floods pushed in this deep inland.   I had so many memories washed away by mother natures wrath.    This park will be missed!   During the earthquake the dam gave way and the whole place was flooded and has not been rebuilt.   This was one of the best and well maintain auto-camps I have been to.  

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