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Reconstruction: Decolonizing the Japanese Mind and Saving the Race


Decolonizing the Japanese mind: The Ruse
Island Mentality isn't unique at all.  Commonly held expressions  like " we Japanese" or " the best of everything comes from Japan" are often heard from many other races and ethnicities, not just Japanese who live or come from  tightly knit societies.    Blacks in American have a very monolithic culture that's air tight, too.   Only the best fried chicken, and best ballers, best lovers, and best confused Presidential Team.    We our all slaves to Anglo-ideology.    
How a Bible Smells
Japanese tears flow down puffy cheeks for the pain felt by others less fortunate than  them.     White people have tears too, but theirs only flow down tear soaked Bible paper, you know, the thin aromatic scripture paper used in the King James, and your grandmother always smelled like it after church.

Their tears only apply to non-pagans.   It's not uncommon for Evangelicals like Billy Graham to blame the suffering th…

Akiu Onsen

Akiu Onsen
Singing it from  the natural hot spring; you are sitting in that hot and soothing natural spa and in between sighs of relief you repeat the words " Akiu Onsen."    Let the "u" in Akiu flow through your puckered lips with an "EEeeu~" sound.  Remember to stretch those vowels up an octave. An onsen in English is a geothermal hot spa that's often times found in nature.   Here in Japan, bathing in such spas is a national pastime, and has been for thousands of years.   It's no wonder the women look so young and fresh.

The Japan Spa Association's seal of approval as an authentic natural hot spa replete with all of the minerals that constitute a spa, minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and so on.    No unnatural chemicals or additives are in the water.

Akiu Onsen is located just West of Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, about a 40 minute bus ride.   It is an area where the onsen has been flowing since the 6th Century, and i…

Dairin-Jin Temple: Ahn Jung-Geun

In order to understand the whereabouts of unmarked graves and tombs in Asia, one may need to employ the services of the temple monk, or a spiritual elder.     The proper name to describe a Japanese Buddhist practitioner or a resident temple priest would be a Bozu.    In Japan, there are many temples that carry the same name as other temples, even the kanji looks the same, and or, may read differently in translation.    Rather then going crazy over which is which, the help from a Bozu can really make a world of difference. 

One of my missions was to find a Temple called Dairinji in Miyagi Prefecture, and I had a number of reasons for why I decided to pay a brief visit there.

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My first excuse was because my bus arrived in Sendai at around 7am, so I had plenty of time to walk around, visit other temples and shrines.   I had a drinking engagement later that evening and had plenty of time to do whatever.    The other reasons is because I specialize in Pan Asian history, and …

Sendai Meat

Sendai Tongue is Good!

In our bed:  There is nothing cuter than watching a local Japanese girl as she reassures her boyfriend over the phone that she is safely spending a relaxing evening with (henna-gaijin - artsy foreigner)  and her friends after a night out.   I like how she cuddles her phone against her cute face, and apologizing incessantly  over her own delinquency.   I can hear her boyfriend chiding over the phone " where are you at this late hour?   And why haven't you called me today, weren't we supposed to have dinner?"   I rolled over and kissed her on the lip before she disengaged the phone.  
"Daijyoubu" - click  ( Everything is okay.  Don't worry )
Two girls and three guys walking; who gets the girl?  Many foreign men find themselves in this situation at drinking parties.    I felt it was important to slip my hand into her hand ever so gently and engage in a little baiseravec langue. You see, I learned from a previous experience when I had…

15th Annual Rose Gardening Show

For you: anthophilous, lover of flowers, green roses, chrysanthemums, lilies: retrophilia, philocaly, philomath, sarcophilous—all this love, of the past, of beauty, of knowledge, of flesh; this is catalogue & counter: philalethist, negrophile, neophile. A negro man walks down the street, taps Newport out against a brick wall & stares at you. Love that: lygophilia, lithophilous. Be amongst stones, amongst darkness. We are glass house. Philopornist, philotechnical. Why not worship the demimonde? Love that—a corner room, whatever is not there, all the clutter you keep secret. Palaeophile, ornithophilous: you, antiquarian, pollinated by birds. All this a way to dream green rose petals on the bed you love; petrophilous, stigmatophilia: live near rocks, tattoo hurt; for you topophilia: what place do you love? All these words for love (for you), all these ways to say believe in symphily, to say let us live ne…

White Peril: The Case Against An Jung-geun

White Peril: The Case Against An Jung-geun
The idea is simple. In order to fight the scourge of White Peril you must first defeat the Japanese.
The idea is simple. In order to fight the scourge of White Peril you must assassinate Ito Hirobumi, the most important Japanese in modern Japanese history.
The idea is simple. In order to fight the scourge of White Peril, you must lionize An Jung-Guen for killing Ito Hirobumi.
The idea is simple. In order to fight the scourge of White Peril, you must rejoice in the atomic bomb.
We should all know why history repeats itself. It’s because people do not learn from history. It goes without saying that if Ito Hirobumi had still been alive, it wouldn’t have changed a thing for Korea. Korea would’ve eventually been either returned to back to Korean control, or re-colonized again, but by a White nation, which is something Koreans are more comfortable with.   Japan lost its northern territories to Russia. 

The idea that some how China, Korea, and Japan livi…

War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial of Korea represents so many things for so many Koreans.  The Statue of Brothers is symbolic of a North Korean Soldier and a Republic of Korea soldier embracing each other.  The statue also symbolizes the horrors of war and the sufferings of  Koreans on both sides of the now, Demilitarization zone.   The need for unification and social harmony has always been a constant feature of Korean thinking in Korea, those in the diaspora only see the American Dream.   Such thoughts of harmony, unification, and peace  are also similar to what Japan and China also seek.

For the Koreans, the war memorial  represents the resistance to Japanese rule, not just the Korean War against the North.   Although you would think, from the point of passive onlooker, that this memorial would glorify the actions of the U.N. lead coalition against  North Korea's power grip on the peninsula, when in fact all it really paints is a portrait of Koreans as purely the victims of war.  

For the av…

Mori Tower Roppongi

It goes without saying  that Tokyo has some of the most futuristic and most well designed buildings in the world.    One of the nice things about shooting up here is that no matter what lens you use, there's always something unique and interesting to snap.  

Mori Tower is a 54 story mixed skyscraper built right in the heart of Tokyo.   It is a center piece of urban development, and the most iconic symbol in Roppongi.    Everybody goes here, whether it be for the dinner date, brunch, and shopping expedition, Mori Tower has something to offer just about everybody.   Expect to see corporate offices like Goldman Sachs, Gree, Google Japan, and many more here.

There are million yen a month condominiums for the jet set and the super rich who live in opulence beyond my means.   They drive in luxury cars and eat exquisite meals daily, and the enjoy the status that comes with living in one of the most exciting cities in the world.  

 I shot with a lens that has a shallow depth of field, so…

Sogo Department Store

The only department store you need to concern yourself with here in Japan is called Sogo.   Why?   Because I said so.   I love Sogo.  It is a food mecca.   What kind of people go to Sogo?   Average age range is between  40 to 70; Japanese housewives and women who aren't scared to eat by themselves in public.     What's the difference between this department store and any other in Japan, and what makes it any different from an American department store like JCPennys?

There is no difference, but I do think Sogo is the preferred department store for the occasional shopping expedition and "zeitaku" lunch jaunt here.    Zeitaku in English means luxurious.   Here in JapanJukujo enjoy hanging out in packs and dining at fancy lunch spots that were either featured in  food magazines or television programs.    Japanese department stores do not play elevator music in their stores.   There are some rare occasions though, but most often the sound is drowned out by  cash register…

Sunshine 60: Revisited

Sunshine 60:  Revisited

The building  known as Sunshine 60  is a site that  evokes a memory in the hearts of the bereaved.  A memory  that is so distant and faint, yet so present and near.    This 60 story building represents  60 years of working under the new system; 60 years of living under an American Constitution.   60 years of prosperity; 60 years of decadence; 60 years of conspicuous consumption.   60 years of wandering around in that dark wilderness  and not knowing nor understanding the national identity of the nation.  

The national identity in Japan used to be found in the "Hakko Ichiu" as Japan's justification for its expansionist policies under a newly found brotherhood.    America's justification for war and national identity is found in its " Oath of Allegiance," sworn by military personnel and all  immigrants who wish to become American citizens.   The defense clause is a misnomer for America's right to attack other countries preemptive…