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Akiu Onsen

Akiu Onsen

Singing it from  the natural hot spring; you are sitting in that hot and soothing natural spa and in between sighs of relief you repeat the words " Akiu Onsen."    Let the "u" in Akiu flow through your puckered lips with an "EEeeu~" sound.  Remember to stretch those vowels up an octave. An onsen in English is a geothermal hot spa that's often times found in nature.   Here in Japan, bathing in such spas is a national pastime, and has been for thousands of years.   It's no wonder the women look so young and fresh.

The Japan Spa Association's seal of approval as an authentic natural hot spa replete with all of the minerals that constitute a spa, minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and so on.    No unnatural chemicals or additives are in the water.

Akiu Onsen is located just West of Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, about a 40 minute bus ride.   It is an area where the onsen has been flowing since the 6th Century, and in all of its mineral richness.     Soothing the pains of life away the water flows hot out of the ground and down a flowing river.   It  goes deep into the bones, each and every bone.      

All of the resort hotels in Akiu have excellent quality hot spas, you cannot go wrong no matter where you choose.   But, you know me, the legendary onsen and sake maven, I chose the best one.   Sakan Hotel    Day-use spa is 2000 yen, for an extra 500 yen you get lunch;  of course you go for the lunch, too.

And the sake!  Hi - Ta - Kami 日高見純米吟醸 junmai-Ginjo.    Miyagi's own specialty locally brewed stuff.  Imagine black licorice on the tongue.   Simple amazing.   There's soba, sweet raw shrimp, baked and raw fish.  

The water was exceptional!    Hot, steamy, and mineral rich, perhaps one of the best I have been to in a long time.  

Enjoy.   The hotel even provided free pick up and drop from Sendai Station for me.    


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