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Mori Tower Roppongi

Canon EOS 60DCanon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM

It goes without saying  that Tokyo has some of the most futuristic and most well designed buildings in the world.    One of the nice things about shooting up here is that no matter what lens you use, there's always something unique and interesting to snap.  

Mori Tower is a 54 story mixed skyscraper built right in the heart of Tokyo.   It is a center piece of urban development, and the most iconic symbol in Roppongi.    Everybody goes here, whether it be for the dinner date, brunch, and shopping expedition, Mori Tower has something to offer just about everybody.   Expect to see corporate offices like Goldman Sachs, Gree, Google Japan, and many more here.

There is this huge spider which I have no idea what it's there for.  

Million yen Condos
There are million yen a month condominiums for the jet set and the super rich who live in opulence beyond my means.   They drive in luxury cars and eat exquisite meals daily, and the enjoy the status that comes with living in one of the most exciting cities in the world.  

 I shot with a lens that has a shallow depth of field, so it forced me to be a little more creative than I would like.   I usually want to just rely on a good zoom lens for shooting.   This time around I had to settle for the pancake.  

Bumped up the photo specs. to get more of an architectural balance to this photo.   You can see the shapes and reliefs along the middle and edges of the building.  

Mori Gardens is the centerpiece for Mori Towers.   At night the place is lit up and has a totally different feel and dynamic to it.   In the afternoon the place is a huge draw for aspiring artists, elderly, and children.  
It's a Japanese garden, a very small one, yet it's charming and is just enough for those who want to enjoy the flowers and the greenery, even the kids enjoy playing around with the flora.

It's a pleasant place to visit, especially on a Sunday afternoon when there's nothing to do, and you've got plenty of time on your hands.  There's a Barcardi Bar that serves a pretty modest Mohito and snacks.  There's outdoor table seating with nice views of the garden.     Great theaters and eateries with imported beers from Europe.   The museums here are great, too.   City view has some nice bars as well if you choose to go up.  

Excellent place to take guests on your next trip.


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