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Reconstruction: Decolonizing the Japanese Mind and Saving the Race


Decolonizing the Japanese mind: The Ruse

Island Mentality isn't unique at all.  Commonly held expressions  like " we Japanese" or " the best of everything comes from Japan" are often heard from many other races and ethnicities, not just Japanese who live or come from  tightly knit societies.    Blacks in American have a very monolithic culture that's air tight, too.   Only the best fried chicken, and best ballers, best lovers, and best confused Presidential Team.    We our all slaves to Anglo-ideology.    

How a Bible Smells

Japanese tears flow down puffy cheeks for the pain felt by others less fortunate than  them.     White people have tears too, but theirs only flow down tear soaked Bible paper, you know, the thin aromatic scripture paper used in the King James, and your grandmother always smelled like it after church.

Their tears only apply to non-pagans.   It's not uncommon for Evangelicals like Billy Graham to blame the suffering the Japanese went through during 3-11 on god's wrath.   All  because they refuse to disavow their own ancient gods for white gods.     Sensible and rational people are not supposed to say " it was god's wrath that caused the death and suffering of others, " and all because this victim didn't follow behind Christian principles.    It would be just as rude and disrespectful about the Oklahoma Disaster, by attributing that to gods wrath, too, but this time on white people.   Could and Would Billy Graham make an official comment on that?   Where was your premonition?  Why didn't god call you up on your mobile phone and inform you of the Oklahoma Disaster before it happened?  Tornadoes aren't new, and are a natural occurrence every single year.

The Ruse is intricately woven into the fabric of the Japanese conscious, that somehow or another, moral principle equates "white-is-right ideology."   Caucasian justice is my justice, and what is good for caucasians is good for me, too, because it's white approved.     The Japanese psyche has to be reconstructed, or revived one way or the other through the re-teachings of the Kojiki and Nihonshoki, instead, we have Evangelicals coming here to spread their Christianity to ignorant and confused Japanese people.   Japanese used to embrace only the principles that applied to Asians, and only took the best ideologies from Western Empires then applied them to society.

Decolonization is a term that does not necessarily have to apply to former colonies.    Japan was never colonized, but it was institutionalized which is similar:  Non-Japanese Constitution, Pacifism, Democratization, Universal Sufferage, Marlon Brando(ism), in the hit movie Sayonara , where white men were promoted as the ideal husbands against the inferior Japanese man, and race.    Soft Power influence is another form of colonization, but of the mind.  

Media Barons see big profit in foreign films, it's what drives the shopping expeditions and weekend jaunts to Korea and Europe.   Lovelorn Japanese housewives never had so much freedom and prosperity to just get up and chase a heart throb somewhere in the world, while their tired and overworked husbands come home to cold dinner and no love every single night.

The myths need to be revived, and the Sendai Church needs to be reviewed because they are progressing too fast in non-Japanese religions   Sure, religious expression is guaranteed under the present-day constitution of Japan, but then again, it is not an authentic Japanese document, this too, needs to be reviewed.    This takes years to implement.  I had a meeting with a former Black Bus driver, and he said it would take about 90 years, or so, in order to reverse the ruse on the Japanese psyche back to more Japanese centered thinking.    This thinking could be defined by Wabi-sabi;  more Buddhist precepts; and more Hakko-Ichiu ideology in order to help bulwark against Western preponderances over what is Right.   What is Japanese should be the axiom of the millennium. 

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