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White Peril: The Case Against An Jung-geun

White Peril:  The Case Against An Jung-geun

The idea is simple.  In order to fight the scourge of White Peril you must first defeat the Japanese.

The idea is simple.  In order to fight the scourge of White Peril you must assassinate Ito Hirobumi, the most important Japanese in modern Japanese history.

The idea is simple.  In order to fight the scourge of White Peril, you must lionize An Jung-Guen for killing Ito Hirobumi.

The idea is simple.  In order to fight the scourge of White Peril, you must rejoice in the atomic bomb.

We should all know why history repeats itself.  It’s because people do not learn from history.  It goes without saying that if Ito Hirobumi had still been alive, it wouldn’t have changed a thing for Korea.  Korea would’ve eventually been either returned to back to Korean control, or re-colonized again, but by a White nation, which is something Koreans are more comfortable with.   Japan lost its northern territories to Russia. 

The idea that some how China, Korea, and Japan living independently from each other while enjoying occasional warm relations, is purely naïve.  United we Stand, Divided we fall.  But if you represent the Korean Intellegencia then it’s easy to surmise that somehow living independently would make things easier when dealing with the White Peril problem.  White nations would simply do what they do best, and that is divide and conqueror, so you see, the murder of a great man such as Hirobumi was in vain.  

Hirobumi did not have to change is god, religion, and name to a white god, white religion, and white god in order to realize the greater east asian co-prosperity, unlike Jung-Guen.   Japan has eight million god, why does it need a white one?   Do not issue him the sacraments for his murder!  Thomas.  The Catholic Church did not approve of the murder of Ito Hirobumi.  

Why do you hate Japan?   Because they colonized us, and raped us, is probably something you would say.  Sir, you are backwards.   This is why we hate them, maybe?   Hate your poverty.   Hate your leaders, not Ito Hirobumi a man who gave you industry and education.  Not a man who's printed on mines and yours sen yen notes.  Your murder proved nothing.

A Quote from Jung-Guen
“The devotion to the country is the serviceman’s duty.”   

If you are interested in learning more about this murderer then visit the Dairinji Temple in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.  An Jung-Guen's writing and speech were said to have had a great effect on Japanese prison wardens and many Buddhist.   His teaching were ahead of his time, but were hardly the messege that needed to be heard during White Peril.    All white academics who are familiar with this man An Jung embrace him as a Citizen of the World, not a man of Asia.   He is not a man of Asia in the sense of co-prosperity and peace in East Asia.   Afterall, he is a baptized Catholic who goes by the name of Thomas.  Hardly a man of the East, but a White Peril ambassador.  

Citizen of the world is a misnomer for white worship, because if you weren't white during White Peril, you were not considered a human being; more of a sub-species with human features.    The reason his calligraphy was so compelling is because it embraced  a sense of values that were perhaps foreign to the Japanese, as most Japanese at that time were pure in the sense that they didn't know anything else about the world other then what they were told to think and believe.   

It is not uncommon for nations to defend their freedom, America did it during the War of Independence.   America fought the British tooth and nail and succeeded, but that in no way made the two nations enemies.   After all, it is about the devotion to the country is the serviceman's duty... as so eloquently stated by Korea's hero.     The threat of yellow peril didn't exist during that time, so the need to unify white nations wasn't a pressing issue until Hitler came round. 

Korea and Japan will never normalize relations because of their fundamental failure to find cohesion, like a stubborn ignorance that won't fade away.    Japan has forgiven and has moved on, no longer the expansionist whoremonger, but a technologically advanced society that Koreans love to spend their money and live.   Koreans love Japan and lovelorn Japanese love Korean soft power.   

Has this done much to advance the cause of Asian Peace?  No.  Not at all.   Had the Koreans and the Chinese thoroughly surrendered and united under the Japanese system, history would paint a completely different picture.    Would things have been worser?   You will never know.


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