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Sites to See in Japan - Mount Fuji

The next great destination in Asia is Mount Fuji, the most important iconic symbol in Japan. UNESCO has just awarded this mountain World Heritage status, so the significance for climbing it is that much greater, but if you are not into climbing then there are so many other ways to appreciate the view. I recommend climbing Fuji at least once in your lifetime if you decide to either visit or move to Japan.   The second picture was  shot from Puku Puku Onsen with Mount Fuji barely visible in the backdrop.

For millions of backpackers and holiday makers, Mount Fuji has been a must-go-to place, especially for those who want to experience being in the presence of one of Japan's most venerated sites, and to feel the history of the region. It goes without saying that so many great poets, scholars, and men of high repute have trekked this mountain in search of enlightenment. For many, to get a glimpse of an ethereal realm where the Japanese race once evolved from according to ancient lore.

Skinny Girl - Big Butt - What?

Metaphorically speaking, big buttocks are not exclusively "owned and operated" by large ethnically diverse women. Skinny girls have been known to strut their stuff too, and surprisingly enough, many with a larger than average posterior. When a girl with a big behind walks properly down the street in black stilettos, and she's wearing her favorite pair of form-fitting jeans, or a hiked up mini, you can best believe my dear readers, she is operating her rump in strange and amazing ways.

Large buttocks can be seen on all women, even skinny girls, no matter what country they may come from. Regardless of diet and lifestyle, a big buttocks can exist in a world where there are no rules to govern the growth and form of them. This is because there is no magic formula for having a big backside. Big buttocks are amazing to look at and touch like they're independent entities with minds of their own. I had a skinny girlfriend who used to let me touch her well-proportioned backsi…

Planting Sake Rice: 田植機

Rice cultivation in Asia dates back over 15, 000 years, thanks to China.   It is the most important cereal grain in the world that is consumed by a large portion of the human population.   Planting rice is  not for everybody!  If you have bad knees you should never ever work in a rice paddy.  Same goes for if you have a weak lower back and are overweight.    You will just sink lower into the soft soil and struggle just to move around while pulling at every single ligament in your knee.   Rice paddy work is ideal if you are slim and have no weak ligaments in your knees.    Also, you need to have snug fitting waterproof rubber boots that won't easily slide off and a towel for keeping sweat out of your eyes.  

The Shinto Priest ( kanushi), in this photo is seen as bestowing blessings upon this rice field.    This could be viewed as  sacraments offered up in Christian religions.   Sakaki leaves are lain across a wooden table off to the left.  These are holy leaves according to the Sh…