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Do Japanese Women Feel Uncomfortable in Bathing Suits?

Unless you have been to Japan, and have frequented its many beaches, you really do not know. The junk press rarely gets it right. I am here to tell you that Japanese women wear it and bare it all here. They wear thongs, t-backs, two pieces, and one piece. For the most part, they are not ashamed. Surveys that claim otherwise may be focusing on a very limited group of women, and that also includes the pathological liars who have no idea whether they are telling the truth or not.

In Western societies like the U.S.A., we are a nation of fat people with anorexic standards. We promote junk food and overnight diet fads that wind up making us fatter and less healthy. Americans remember the weight loss drug  "fin fin, " we remember the claims it made about weight loss and the subsequent disastrous side-effects. Japanese women in general avoid drug use of any kind for weight loss. They tend to focus more on either starving themselves, or eating healthier food in very limited quantit…

Letters from the Right: Hopeless Romantics & The Lovelorn.

Don't you just love the wine and cheese parties. I like how they swirl wine around in fancy wine glasses. Or, when they pick up a newspaper and try to read the contents through a wine glass. If the wine is high quality you're supposed to be able to clearly read a news article with no problem, maybe even better than your naked eyes. Let me stuff my beak ( nose ) into the wine glass and sniff the aromas. I can smell fruits, blackberries, and currants. I can pick up a hint of acacia berry, maybe even a bit of wood. We are all slaves to our vanities.

 There's the wine world, and then there's the Tokyo wine world, the two are not the same. Most our Japanese women over 40; divorced;single mothers; highly educated; self assertive; fluent in English; and as un-Japanese as humanly possible. The few men who do attend these parties are usually wine professionals and chefs with very little interest in them. The new Tokyo is Eurocentric and "poshl…

Iwao Shuzo of Gunma Prefecture

Noteable sake would be the Hon-Nama ( 本生).  A nama-zake in reality.  The "hon" means that it wasn't pasteurized.   In general, most sake usually undergoes two pasteurization processes; once  before bottling and a second time after bottling, or before shipping.   Pasteurization is intended to stop the enzymes from further altering the flavor of the sake.

The green label is a "Junmai Ginjo Hon-Nama Muroka-nama-genshu" ( premium un-pastuerized sake[ raw form] and un-charcoal filtered), and is a sake with pronounced flavor profiles and very drinkable.

 In the world of whisky there's a method used called " chill filtering."   This is used to remove residue and cloudiness from whisky.   Most hardcore whisky drinkers would regard this as the pussification of whisky and shun the actual practice of removing residue.   In the world of sake this is not the case.  Muroka nama genshu is the unfiltered and unprocessed form of sake of which most drinkers have…

Furumachi Mall Beer Times in Niigata

So it's summer, and if I could think of a better place to be, then it would be Niigata.   With all the great water and grain used to make delicious food and sake, they should have no problem brewing some amazing beers.    I have written previously on the evolution of the microbrew industry in Japan.  I had stated that the beer boom hasn't caught on yet.   I was right back then, but times have changed and what I discovered in Niigata City is that people know their beers.   You don't have to lecture them on what tastes good, they already know.

 I was blessed to receive 20 tickets with an advanced purchase of 3000 yen.  Beer much was included with the price of the ticket.   You can use the beer tickets to purchase food, but I said to myself " why waste a good beer ticket on food."    I love the samurai print on the glass mug.  It is really a nice glass.

In Tokyo, they seem to just drink whatever everybody else is drinking, not enough beer knowledge is spread around…