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Letters from the Right: Hopeless Romantics & The Lovelorn.

Don't you just love the wine and cheese parties. I like how they swirl wine around in fancy wine glasses. Or, when they pick up a newspaper and try to read the contents through a wine glass. If the wine is high quality you're supposed to be able to clearly read a news article with no problem, maybe even better than your naked eyes. Let me stuff my beak ( nose ) into the wine glass and sniff the aromas. I can smell fruits, blackberries, and currants. I can pick up a hint of acacia berry, maybe even a bit of wood. We are all slaves to our vanities.

 There's the wine world, and then there's the Tokyo wine world, the two are not the same. Most our Japanese women over 40; divorced;single mothers; highly educated; self assertive; fluent in English; and as un-Japanese as humanly possible. The few men who do attend these parties are usually wine professionals and chefs with very little interest in them. The new Tokyo is Eurocentric and "poshlost." They have a taste for the finer things in life, especially if it is imported from overseas. I drink wine from the Bordeaux region of France because it's from France. I drink Champagne,too, not Bubbly because, well, it's just not authentic champagne. I am tainted and will never be able to return to my roots because I have bitten into the knowledge of Good & Evil.

( "Japan is a boring country and I am no longer able to function normally in my own society, the place of my birth and institution. I am too Japanese for that! I am too Japanese for the Japanese. After leaving Japan I became a woman. I have returned to Japan and I have now stunted my growth. ")

 The so-called "new socially aware" Japanese person is not really aware of his/her own place in the world. Far too overcome with decadence and the need to be a part of the "international community," a misnomer for Anglo community has taken for granted far too many things. There is no consensus on internationality. 

It is the Crown that defines the new poshlost of our Age. This is the new Japan dynamic. I need to marry a man who can secure my life while I pursue my dreams of becoming economically independent... No. I mean. I need to be financially independent from men period. I don't need a man. But...wait...I think...what I need is a man who can support my vanities...while I assert my new found economic potential in America. When I get tired of working I can fall back on my henpecked white husband and refrain from having sex with him. We can raise our half kids with Japanese and Western ideals. They'll be bilingual and multi-cultural. Life will truly be beautiful over the rainbow.

( skipping along)

 A clarion call to the righteous and the indignant: What  happened to you? We knew the world was round back then, not flat. We didn't need to reinvent common sense for that. How can you be so beyond yourself? You understood the Kojiki and the Nihonshoki, but chose to deny their mythological origins. Instead, you have replaced your own myths with Santa Clause, a great big fat white man who brings you KFC on Christmas Eve. (sigh)... Poor kids will grow up thinking that they are entitled to receive presents from some non-Japanese mythological father figure for the rest of their lives. Stop importing stupid pastimes and holidays from other countries. You'll be paying out the nose for toys and all sorts of garbage that will count for nothing. Stop importing stupidity to make up for the vacuousness of your soul. Stop importing these exotic religions that serve no purpose other than to make you dumber and less able to function like a normal Japanese. Japan has over 8 million gods! It does not need Biliken and wretched pagan dolls from the West. Where is your center-being? And you don't need to marry non-Japanese for the sake of breeding designer babies with unique facial expressions. Babies are human beings too, not a handbag!

 Caroline Kennedy was tapped to be the next ambassador to Japan. She will be incredibly popular with women's groups, and she will be vocal. She will push for change from within by relegating the Japanese mans role down to mere helper while elevating the status of Japanese women in the workforce and even politics. This is bad because it's traditionally un-Japanese and un-Asian. It is not about the sex, but the gender role each individual plays in a harmonious society. I educate you, that is my role. I remove the blinders from your eyes, while ambitious Westerners try to conceal the truth through the veneer of deception. The soul of Japan is under duress. When I walked through the Cedar Grove of Ise Shrine I felt the power of a thousands generation resonate all around me as I walked towards the main hall. "Japanese people built this" were the first words out of my mouth. How can you not derive strength and inspiration from such an edifice as this? How can you not feel the pulse of a Nation when admiring the beauty of Adachi Gardens in Shimane Prefecture? What strength do you derive from a fat white man on a sleigh, or the Crown of England. What is your source of inspiration Japanese woman? How do you find the balance between the natural and the spiritual outside of your own ancestral lands? Indulge me. Where is the naked beauty in Europe and North America for you that inspires you to be a better person outside of your own country. Wherefore art thou shuffled off your mortal coil? There are problems all over the world. You must be kidding me. %&##ch please. Everything you can possible need, desire, or even hope for is right here in Japan. You need to breed with your own Japanese men. Where is the romance in Korea? Where is the love in China?

 Where is the lust in America? Where the charm in Europe that you find so appealing? Do you runaway after you have his baby after realizing that you didn't love his foreign(ness) enough to stick it out? Was he too much of a man for you that you took his baby an ran back to Japan, your shelter? When the child grows up it'll be asking about his father, but because you decided for it, that it doesn't need a father it grows up wondering why do all the other kids have a father and I don't? Because in all of your selfishness you saw fit to make it that way. Where are the righteous and the indignant? Where are they resting,and why so long? I have me 70 year old grown Japanese men in Los Angeles who couldn't speak Japanese. They live a life full of resentment and bitterness because they can't communicate with their relatives in Japan. Their mothers were so busy being All-American and red, white, and blue that they forgot who they were and where they came from. Dear women, come back to your senses.

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