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Touring Tokyo at Night: Winter in Tokyo

Winters spent in Tokyo can be some of the most memorable moments for the tourist.   Even for us long term staycationist and long-term tourist, the charm of Tokyo never seems to die off.   We still love visiting are old favorites, like Asakusa Temple and we still love the smell of sweet potatoes wafting through the chilly night air.    We quaff our beers, especially the minus zero black stouts on tap kind.   There are very few rules to live by in Tokyo’s gastronome.    The rules are invented and broken here, and then reinvented again.   Who says you can't drink a minus zero black stout from a tap in winter?   

After about 3 cold ones we headed out to a scenic spot along the Sumida River to take in the singular view of Tokyo’s newly erected Tower of Babylon.  That behemoth  Tokyo Skytree that seems to look like every other tower.     If you get a little cold then there’s a Tully’s  50 meters away from you in Sumida Park.    Watch the tower light-up in red and blue and get swept awa…

Rikugi-en: The End of Autumn

Another autumn has come and gone, my 9th autumn in Japan.   I didn’t know Tokyo had such wonderful parks, especially kinds that really bring out the beauty of the seasons.   I have seen the evening lights drape  across the temple’s eaves under a blood orange sunset.  I have inhaled the perfumed evening breeze from the furs of fashionable matrons ambulating through a narrow patch of grove.   A popular Japanese belief is that if you catch a falling leaf make a wish.   The Tokyo vibe is intoxicating  and so are its myths and folk traditions.   

Rikugien Garden is a Tokyo metropolitan park in the heart of Tokyo. The name Rikugi comes from the idea of the six elements in Waka poetry. The park consists of a small pond, trees, and a hill.  I like the layout because it’s different.   Not all parks in Japan are alike, each with its own design scheme and its own theme.   I like how the flow of water slowly meanders along all most unnoticed as little ducks paddle their way down a waterway.   It…