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Soul of Sake: A refined fermented rice beverage called sake.

The internationalization of sake has presented many challenges for the sake industry.   In order for sake to appeal to a broader range of consumers - since the people who matter most ( young Japanese ) don't drink it-   sake has to be presented in a way that is more palatable to Western drinkers instead.   And in order to achieve this, sake has to be paired with more untraditional dishes, even spicy dishes,  like in the case of nigori sake ( cloudy sake), which  is supposed to work well with spicy Thai food dishes.     Apparently there’s supposed to be some play on the tastebuds that make the nigori taste like coconut even though there is no actual coconut in the sake.  

The problem here is do resturateurs  change the food or the drink?   It was only a matter of time before the American palate would  evolve to appreciate more delicate and nuanced  flavor profiles.   About 30 years ago when Mr. Yoshida introduced  teriyaki sauce to American style grilled chicken, most Americans we…