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Country Tokyo BBQ

Yes.  Tokyo has vast greenery and nature, but I’m sure you knew that already.  I had gotten a private invite in the mail a few weeks ago for a drinking party in Ome, a vast swath of countryside  located about two hours outside of central Tokyo.   The meet up was with a group of long time sake buddies I used to hang out with around Fussa and Nakano.  A few times a year we all get-together and enjoy watching  a local folk tradition somewhere in Tokyo, or we head to a sake convention for some good drinks and eats.   It was good seeing all of them again and having an amazing BBQ and soba making party.   

The post will highlight a few points I want to make about sake, food, and women, but before that I want to explain a little about Soba ( buckwheat noodles), which for the most part are imported from other countries.    Only the local artisan grows his own buckwheat and makes his own soba by hand here in Japan.   It took me awhile to get the hang of it.   Like making bread, the buckwheat f…