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Okinawa Plane

As per per my previous post, I wanted to continue on with my topic on Okinawa, formerly known as the Ryukyuan Kingdom.  The historical  chronology is well documented online and in academic peer reviews all over the world, so I won’t regurgitate the same things you could probably look up yourself.  This essay is my opinions on Okinawa Prefecture, and what I consider to be its good points and bad points.

For the million or so tourist that visit the islands of Okinawa annually, none, save the Bozu and the Kanushi (priest), recognize the dominion of power that exists there. The realm of the undead and the living dead  are those Japanese who have been desensitized to the yearnings of their ancestors, and those with very low emotional-quotients who cannot see beyond their own vanities.    They cannot see how grave the spiritual dilemma of the soul of the nation has become.   

I remember years back, a group of fact finders and Japanese priests flew over the Mariana Trench, the deepest part …

Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum

You should honor all of those who died, both American and Japanese!  Those words I remember my Jukujo saying.   I came to Okinawa with the intent to recognize Okinawans as the sole victim of the war.  I read the history books.  I have seen the photos.  I have heard the rhetoric.  However, there is just simply no comparison unless you actually visit the war memorials and burial tombs dotted round the islands of Okinawa.  I was excited on my way to Haneda Airport.

I remember the nostalgia I felt just after take-off as the plane circled over Mount Fuji.  Passengers clamoring for a view of Japan's most venerated mountain in all of Asia.   Continuing southward over the seas, we flew over a series of small islets.   I was moved by the beauty of the Amami Island chains dotted with islets as far as the human eye could see from the plane window.    The ocean was exceedingly beautiful and deep blue.   I even saw an American aircraft carrier making its way southward to protect the sea lanes…

Togenuki Jizo Temple: How to Wash a God

Welcome to the Harajuku for grannies, my favorite place in Tokyo.    Have you ever been asked questions like, what are the three most important shrines in Japan?   How about the three most important temples in Japan?  In Japan they're called the Big 3.   But, what about the Big 3 places in Tokyo?   The Imperial Palace, Tokyo Skytree, and Harajuku.... ( maybe).

My favorite place is in Toshima city and it's called Sugamo.   Also popularly known as "the Harajuku for old ladies."  It's called that way because the many shops there cater to elderly folks like the Aka-Pants shop.  Or, red pants shop and you can read up more about that here.  In short, when Japanese reach their 60s, they are born again and need to wear red to signify their age.

Here in Sugamo you can experience all of the old charms Tokyo used to enjoy.   Things like legendary hospitality, clean and well organized street planning, mom & pop shops that forgot to change with the Times, but have never…