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Rainy Wet Season in Japan! I love it!

Rainy Season in Japan: Why I love it! Wet season in Japan lasts from June to the middle of July every year.   Just for your information, the two worst seasons in Japan are the rainy season and early spring. It’s because in the spring the mainland is infamous for pollen allergens that spread through the air, and which affects the whole mainland except for Okinawa Prefecture, this is because there are no cedar trees on the Okinawan Islands.


 If you want to avoid the rainy seasons then head to Hokkaido as they are not affected by high and low pressure weather patterns like what’s found on “Honshu” the mainland. The rainy season in Japan is called “ tsuyu “ or “ baiyu.” This deluge of rain is very important for plums and rice cultivation in Japan, and is the reason why Japanese produce is so fresh and delicious. Often times people have nothing to do except sleep; yes, sleep is an activity too. Just open the window and allow the fresh rainy air to come in and soothe you…