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Rikujyo Jietai : Japan Ground Self Defense Force


Japan Ground Self Defense Force is a fully equipped battle unit, make absolutely no mistakes ladies & gentlemen.  I witnessed an amazing display of firepower from both land and air; deadly accuracy.

I felt the ground shake beneath my feet, I heard as the rockets streaked through the air at supersonic speeds!   Tactically, this is a highly effective battle unit that can mobilise in minutes if called upon.

60 years ago Japan was forced to sign the American mandates Constitution, and all vestiges of Japan's military was overhauled and essentially scrapped.   Judicial martyrs were tried and hanged and the Board of Education essentially destroyed the Japanese mind.   Up rooting the national pride once felt by all Japanese, and now replaced by American worship.   Pride is not a feeling, it's an action backed by feeling.   It is not subdued it is used.   Pride is not about how much you love Japanese food, or how many kimonos you drape across your body.   Pride means you love these missiles that protect Japan.

If there was a preemptive strike on Japanese soil tomorrow only the women of Japan would fight to protect the homeland while Japanese men would be either in the pachinko parlours or busy begging the Americans to protect them with Nonomura faces!   This is a fact.  

The Japanese men in "uniform" will also gladly step up to the plate and defend Japan.  These are well trained Japanese commandos who are simulating a fast roping technique for quick insertion, perhaps a drill to retake the islands held by Korea.  

Motorcycle attack landing for quick kill and move drills.   Japan needs to be ready!

I am all for defending Japan against all enemies both foreign and domestic.   What I am against is Pacifism and silly notions about living in a world where there are no wars.  Only poor people in developing nations wish they had political leverage and economic hegemony  like industrial nations.
The only reason North Korea is feared is because it has a nuclear deterrent, Japan needs one, too.

  Yes! Japan has entered into a whole new era of military sophistication.  Its  tank divisions and armored units are fast and efficient.   Its  war birds are tactically proficient and strike with deadly accuracy, but does this make them ready for a strike against China or Korea?   I don't know.... Can these men defend and protect Japan?  I have full confidence.  I feel safer!

("The fist of Japan has evolved; long gone are the sissies who blew themselves to bits on Surubachi.   The military fist of Japan is great now, as are the Japanese Comnandos who would make even the late great Yukio Mishima choke up and cry.   The Japanese military has come along way through its technology.  The idea that Pacifism would assuage the masses  was as much a ruse than an example of how modern nations should model their constitution after.   A ruse to allay  the Left who have vigorously sought to prosecute the nation of Japan 60 years later.  Pacifism has eaten away at the core of most sensible right leaning moderates - everyday Japanese people").


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