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Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant

Energy is the general term for any source of useable power such as electricity and coal that makes machines work or provides heat.   Power is energy ( especially electricity) that comes from a source of fuel and is used to operate lights, machinery, etc.    
The basics: 1) Renewable energy - Wind power / hydro-electric power / sea power / solar power / wave power and bio fuels. 2) Non-renewable - Coal / oil / nuclear power / fossil fuels. 3) Carbon-based - Coal / oil /fossil fuels / bio fuels. 4) Non-carbon-based - Wind power / energy / hydro-electric / sea power / solar power and nuclear power.
All of these different sources of energy and power are not as efficient as nuclear power, especially with Japan's rising energy needs and costs.   People who live and work near these mammoth reactors benefit from having cheaper rents and electricity costs as well.   Japan will eventually bring back online most of their reactors in the future, and they are safe, especially with new regulat…

The Inaka: Japan's Pristine Countryside

("Rolling hills and rice fields as far as the human eye can see.  Kids frolicking with animals in green pastures.   There's a kid somewhere quietly reflecting with a stalk of rice in his mouth, and then there's the guy looking out the train window, and that would be me with the sake and sweets").

If you like to eat, then it's good to have a healthy appreciation for where the food comes from.  I love where my sake comes from, so naturally I want to be a part of the process of how it gets made; from rice plantation to table.   The rugged back-lay of the land; the yellow patches of golden rice fields licking the heavens like golden tongues in the breeze.   There's a kid somewhere lying on his back in a  briar patch with a stalk of rice in his mouth and he's gazing up into the deep clear blue sky.    His eyes are trailing an extra long plume of white smoke from an airplane's exhaust.    There's another little boy from that same airplane who's got …