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Expat Lives' Matter: What is next for the hordes of foreigners - 2016

Long Term in Japan...?   Now What....?

So you've been here for awhile and you are wondering what's next for you....   Maybe you've grown to love the country, or maybe the country has grown on you and you've grown comfortable with life here, but the sweet love stage has faded...?   Maybe Japan  holds no charm for you anymore, or never has for that matter....  When is it time to go back home...?   Hmmm...

The next step would be to sit down and have a look at your career prospects at home and in Japan.  Then ask yourself where you  want to be for the rest of your life.   Age and taxation is inevitable, so no matter where you live you cannot escape that.  You always owe somebody somewhere and that's just the way it is, even after you pay, you still owe...  Retirement is the scariest thought for me and the second scariest would be me being in a sexless relationship / marriage.   I could cheat with another man's wife, though.  The level of adultery in Japan is appal…

From the Desk of The Soul of Japan: Doburoko!

I have been on a roll this month.  Sake and onsen events kept the good times rolling.   Good "Nomunication" and fading memories the next day.   Finally had a chance to enjoy "doburoku"  in Kawabata's Snow Country.   Doburoku is an unrefined common mans' alcoholic beverage, or homebrew as some would call it.   Sort of like the moonshine of the U.S.A., in that they are both  illegal to make at home, and are cheap in comparison to more refined alcoholic beverages like premium rice brews and Bourbons.  Anything refined and aged equals expensive, especially for farmers and common folks living in the countryside.   

Centuries ago, Japanese sake was  used in shinto rites, weddings, and imperial coronations.   In short, sake was made for the gods and unless you were a shinto priest you were not allowed to drink it.   However, doboroku was considered crude and drinkable by mere mortals, in other words, affordable and relatively easy to make and enjoy without gettin…