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Entry for Winter....Winter Burial: The 雪中貯蔵 [Secchu - chozou]

Winter preserves beauty, like a timeless stasis of the ice ages  along the Tokachidake plains of Hokkaido; the whistling swan sang.    I can sense the birth of spring on the twigs of trees even now, as the last frost of snowy patches fall to the ground.    This year, I was back up in one of my top places in Japan, not Hokkaido, but in Kawabata's Snow Country, Niigata, and on a timely and auspicious occasion!  The burial of sake.   The 雪中貯蔵 The Secchu-chozou way!  

My mission this time around was to bury several thousand bottles of Japanese sake under several tons of snow and ice.    The timing was essential for a few reasons:  Man power, machines, temps, weather, and logistics.  This time of year, the winter was unusually warm with the occasional drop in temps gave us scattered snowfalls through-out the mountain ranges.   When we arrived on the 20th of February a cold front moved in the night before and gave us heaps of snow, so the window of opportunity was open for us to get al…