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Infinitesimal Beauty: The Veil is Rising

The veil is rising Easing off my fear strained face, it catches on crystalized tears, pulling away I bath in liberty The first airless void stills all movement, abandon was never nameless, faceless No longer condemned sliding towards the light, I take in my first breath free of regret and torment In the ensuing minutes infinitesimal beauty takes my breath again as I exhale my first sigh...By Jane EgginsIt took me awhile to come to terms with this, to put it all together. The Ice Queen and the Martyr  We sacrifice ALL for our Ice Queens :  The dawn of the new Japanese ( light a candle) For they hate the very nature of love, and all that it represents.   Love is a dagger that pierces their armour.  They spend years perfecting ways to protect themselves against love.   Perfecting ways to use your love against you, to control you to destroy you.  To crucify you.  For we are not worthy; our egos bruised and alter egos  ripped to shreds.  Broken in pieces is what’s left in …

Yahiko Shrine 弥彦神社

"The enshrined god who rules over Ya-hi-ko is called Ameno-Kaguyama-no-Mikoto(天香山命)"  

This particular shrine is designated as an " Ichinomiya" shrine, in other words, a high ranking shinto shrine within its province.   Yahiko is one of the highest ranking "ichinomiya" in  Niigata Prefecture.  Don't get it confused with modern ranking systems like with "Jingu"  or the great imperial shrines in the long list of "Kanpei-Taisha."  Just know that this shrine is revered amongst the locals in this area.  The whole area surrounding this shrine is a powerspot, which means there's a divine aura of spiritual energy here.   

The beauty of Yahiko Shrine is that it is not painted read and gold like many shrines in the Kansai area.  This is the original form of an authentic Japanese Shrine - all wood.   Adding paint was more vanity and to appeal to royalty and  aristocrats.   

Even the offering box ( sasenbako) is in its original form…

Shiboritate: Young Freshly Pressed Sake

On a personal note, whenever I visit a sake place I aways go for Shiboritate.  This is the freshly made very young sake that has a little lees leftover in the final product.  Some are a little gassy, too.  I love the fresh fruity notes I get on the nose, and the light delicate flavors on the palate.  Sometimes you can pick up hints of cotton candy or even a little pino colada if you have keen a  sense of taste.   

I love the youthfulness at play in Japanese sake... Like with how  the little nervous goose bumps before you know you're about to do something wrong.  Shiboritate is sake that is refined, yet brash and audacious.  Adventurous.  Sexually irresponsible.  Bold and full of potential.  Limitless.  Boundless.  Reckless and dangerous.  Brash.  And most of all, saucy!  Just like I love saucy foods and saucy languages.  Saucy AV actresses that have an unusual swagger about them.  

When Koji is added to the yeast starter and the moromi mash, it helps convert the rice starch into …