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Yasukuni Shrine for the Foreign Tourist August 15th

[ Taken with my Pentax K-1000 film / My original]

Many tourists will express an interest in visiting the most contentious shrine in Japan - Yasukuni.   Should they or shouldn't they is a matter of personal prerogative, but to say "no" they are not allowed to visit a war-linked shrine would be like making a value judgment call on them.  Some tourist may feel intimidated by all the negative press surrounding this shrine, and may even steer clear of it all together.   That is up to you/them...Allow me to clear things up a bit by at least dispelling some of the negative rumors and misinformation by The Press surrounding the shrine.

Yasukuni Shrine has no dead remains buried under its premises, and it does not honor war criminals.  In other words, no one goes there to chant and burn candles for war criminals and neither do they perform incantations to bring them back from the dead, so you are safe, don't worry.  You do not have to fear anything at all.    The photo above…

Aichi's Beauty: Yuya Onsen

Aichi  is a quiet hidden  gem of a prefecture in the Chubu region of Japan's main island, Honshu.   It's located in between two major cities - Nagoya and Hamamatsu.    From Toyohashi Station you can reach Yuya in a little over an hour, and from Nagoya about the same.   Most travellers and business people either commute to or live in Nagoya, and if  you are a partygoer Nagoya seems to be where the action is all at.   I too have enjoyed Nagoya on several occasions.  A city most often famed for its castles and shrines, and most of all delicious chicken.   
For the onsen lover, Gifu, next door to Nagoya,  seems to be the place where the locals from Aichi flock to, and for a good reason; some of Japan's Top 100 onsen are there. - Gifu Grand Hotel.    What about Aichi though.  What's there to see and do, and what about this place Yuya Onsen?

Aichi's beauty lies in its rustic industrial landscape.   Lifeless sawmills with empty parking lots; nobody in sight.   Stern leaf…