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Antique Pool Antik Yüzme Havuzu

                                      Antique pools in the Mediterranean are beautiful.

Pentax K-1000 manual 

Before I moved to Japan, I had spent years travelling around the world in search of amazing cocktails, beautiful vistas, and natural hot spas.   In the picture above is a photo taken at an antique pool in Turkey, sort of like a hot spring museum under water.   I have been to this country about 3 times as it's been the intersection of culture, language, and religions for entire civilisations for  centuries!   Parts of the Holy Bible were even written and inspired by God in parts of Turkey - The New Testament.

Pentax K-1000 film camera

In this photos is a place in Yuzme Havuzu called the Sacred Pools of Hierapolis.   Underneath this potassium-rich water are submerged fragments of fluted marble columns which has rested at the bottom of this pool for centuries.   Dating back to the 2nd Century before the birth of Jesus Christ, this same water was used to treat the sick and the dying after wars  fought and lost.    Many souls have passed over here, and into Abraham's bosom.   There are and still may be sarcophaguses underneath some of the pools, unless they were excavated.  

Hot pools is another term I want to throw around.   Most baths in Turkey are naturally heated unless you are in a big hotel where it's artificially heated.  Hierapolis is not heated as far as I could tell and is absolutely amazing when stepping into.  First thing you notice is how deep the pool is and at the color of the water.   Being careful not to step on the columns underneath your feet.   Just know, that you are bathing in the same waters as the mighty Romans did at the very height of their glory, even emperors have soaked here.

Getting here is a journey, like most places in Turkey.  Literally, I had to take planes, trains, boats, and automobiles to get here.   Once arriving here at Hierapolis you can enjoy the beautiful rugged landscape of dried up salt water pools and bask in a bygone era when Romans  ruled the world, and when men were inspired by God to change the world.

At present, I am a Japan-based travel blogger and have been for a number of years writing on Japanese hot spas.   I am a certified hot spring / onsen sommelier and have self-published a book on dozens of natural hot spa baths in this country.

Finally, I highly recommend visiting the hot pools in Turkey.  This country is full of natural volcanic waters that are rich in minerals and can heal you from travel fatigue.   Just about every major hotel has its own spas and Turkish baths - which are different from hot pools.


Antique Pool



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