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Kobe Beef!

No.  It is not my first time eating this coveted beef, but it's been awhile and it was good being back in Sannomiya in Kobe, Japan.   If ever down this way you'll be pleasantly confused at how many restaurants offer this beef, and where to eat it.   I have always had my favorites, and one such place is Kobe Plaisir the top favorite.

To be classified as true Kobe beef, the Tajima-gyu cow: Must be  pure bred of Tajima-gyu lineage. Must have been born and raised in Hyōgo Prefecture. It must be a steer (castrated bull) or virgin cow. It must have only been fed grains and grasses from within the Prefecture. It must have been processed in approved slaughterhouses within the Prefecture. It must have a fat marbling ratio (called BMS) of level 6 or above. It must have a Meat Quality Score of A-4 or A-5 (the top grades). The animal’s gross carcass weight must be 470kg or less.

Must be assigned a 10-digit ID number so that its authenticity can be traced back to the individual cow it came from.

Elegance Gardens: Kyoto

Both Entokuin and Kodaiji Temples are in the same vicinity of each other and offer arguably the best night views of autumn leaves in the world, so I chose these two gardens to visit for my night viewing!    There are approximately 17 temple gardens in Kyoto city that are open for nighttime leaf peeping, and each with its own beauty.

Nishihonganji Temple, Toji Temple ( closest from Kyoto Station), Kiyomizu Temple, Joju-in Temple, Eikan-do Temple, Kodaii, Entoku-in, Chion-in, Shoren-in, Shogunzuka Seiyuden, Manshuin Temple, Daigoji, Kitano Temangu Shrine, Torin-in, Daikakuji, Hogon-in, and a few others.

Leaf peeping season generally runs from Novemeber 3rd to December 11th here in Kyoto, so if you decide to go shortly after me posting this, you won't be disappointed.   N.B. Day and Night are simply not the same experience.  Remember to set aside time for both opportunities to experience leaf peeping then.
The list I gave you above are open to the general public for evening l…