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The Beauty of Atami, Shizuoka and 日航亭

The very first white man ever killed in an onsen hot spring accident was here in Atami, in this well- spring, the source of most of all the water distributed to various luxury hotels here.    He died of a heart attack from exposure to hot water and the apparent holiness of the spring itself caused instant death to the foreigner!  I have prayed, so when I enter these waters I am safe and my energies are restored and then I am whole again.

The very first onsen experience I had had was about 20 years ago when I was visiting Japan as a tourist.   Four of us bathed in the mineral richness of Shizuoka's waters.  It was a blessing and a wonderful experience.   From that experience, I went on to travel the whole country to partake in the baptism of hot spring water while surrounding myself with friends and natural energy.   I have since published a book and have earned a sommelier certification by the Onsen Sommelier Association.

It's been awhile since I have blogged about my favori…

Japan Condiments Series: Shishito Peppers

Japan condiment series:  Karaisuke!

Many of you may or may not be familiar with shishito peppers, the lion's head.   It's a widely recognized East Asian pepper all over the world that is often grilled and served either as it is, or as a condiment which can complement a wide range of food including Japanese white rice.   Even still many people are not aware of how prevalent this condiment is in Japanese cuisine today.

Since the days of Japanese Statesmen Ito Hirobumi,  spices like Togarashi were given to the Japanese by European traders in exchange for matchlocks, like many other commodities.    Kaiseki / or fine Japanese dining was incompatible with spicy food at that time, and still is among some foodies of today.   During the Korean Annexation, Japanese Statesman Ito Hirobumi gave the Koreans togarashi since it was impossible to incorporate it in traditional Japanese Kaiseki.  In order to perfect Korean kimchi, because original Korean Kimchi was just a brine with vegetables…

From the Desk of The soul of Japan. ( The only right leaning blog in Japan )

From the Desk of the soul of Japan.

Random stuff...
Another year is upon us, and it's time to reflect on current events within Japan, and the world. 
.... But first, I need meditation food....[ sigh ]....[ breathe in]....[ exhale ]....

 I must elevate my consciousness over baked mac-n-cheese drowned in 4 kinds of cheeses, a side of crispy fried shrimp,  and an icy tall glass of grape chu-hi!     In Japan, we have soul food, too, with a little Japanese soul.    

2016 has been a crazy year for us all.    My disappointments in relationships with both men and women, and self.  The state of the nation and more.   This has been the roughest year for me in a long time, but one that has been full of rewards and happy occasions.    I had once told myself that the bullshit that exists anywhere else in the world also exist right here in Japan.   The only difference is that here it's more of a cultural feature than an art form.   Here, Japanese people lie with sincerity,  in the states, …

Patriotism School

Moritomo Gakuen kindergarten is just like any other school in Japan, except it teaches the proper curriculum to its 3 to 5 year olds.   The reason I say this is because I teach in public schools here in Japan, and the curriculum is non-traditional and Christian leaning as evidenced here and here.   So, what is considered true orthodox and  proper curriculum in Japan, and what sets Tsukamoto apart from all of the rest of public schools in every district in 47  prefectures nationwide?    

Moritomo Kindergarten places emphasis back onto the Emperor of Japan and students are therefore required to show respect to the now symbol of the State ( Emperor)  who was relegated down by Douglas McArthur - Allied Commander U.S. 1947.   Some would call this blind allegiance or a form of misguided patriotism.    Actually, if you disavow your sacred symbols in exchange for Anglo .e.g. Santa Clause, Christianity, Hollywood, and U.S. foreign policies and all other Western initiatives, soft power include…