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Taste of Osaka

Good food can be had just about on every corner of the globe, in Osaka, good in the sense if you love batter fried cakes filled with vegetables and savory flavors.    Whenever I am sent out on assignment to Osaka city, I always spend the entire day walking round town  sampling a variety of food dishes.   In the Japanese language, it's called [ Tabe - aruki ] where you visit different restaurants in the local area.

In the above photo is a dish called [oko-no-miyaki] a savory Japanese pancake made with chopped cabbage, ginger, and whatever other ingredients you can think of, including meats.   I love my batter fried cakes filled with pork and vegetables.   The sauces at the top are a thick sweet soy flavored soysauce, mayo, and dollop of spicy mustard.  Yum.

This one has fatty bacon infused in it with the same vegetable goodness.   For the two photos above, you can find the restaurant next to Abiko Station in Osaka.  The restaurant is called "Okonomiyaki House."

Hachi-maru-hachi is the above photo of a traditional food stall which offers breaded octopus in the shape of a ball; a true favorite of Osaka.    In Japanese, this is called Tako-yaki.   Although these balls are a little heavy on the sauce they offer a glimpse into Osaka's food culture.   To wash it all down I love the apple chu-hi, icy cold.  

Next up is a place called Wanaka ( below pic) 

This is another top fav in Osaka, and honestly, I am sure I could eat here everyday if I could.  Beer and battered octopus pair very nicely together on a winter night.

 Osaka is not only famed for its octopus, but also its fried chicken, and I ate here everyday for dinner. Johnny Karaage!

Need I say more!?

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