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Sea Urchin & Japanese sake

I am writing about sea urchin, the prickly black spiny sea creature that's sweet and creamy to eat.  The Japanese absolutely adore them for their texture and briny goodness.   When sea urchin is paired with a nicely chilled bottle of summer sake, you get the perfect opus.    There are two ways to eat urchin.  First way would be to bake them over heated charcoal; low and slow.   Make sure they are opened up before you bake them.   The natural salts in the sea urchin bake into the meaty parts and give almost a creamy pudding like texture.    You can spoon it right out of the shell and know that this is the only way to really enjoy eating it.  

This trip to Aomori was during what's called " umi-no-hi, or oceans day" a minor holiday on the Japanese calendar.  Almost no Japanese observe this day for its namesake, instead, most families spend time with friends and family, some say it's the start of the beach going season.    For me, this day is the days when I conquer…