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Camping in the Dark Coldness in Autumn "Tohoku"

Nearing October 1st, Sake Day, is when most of your sake lovers get-together to organize the sake rice harvest for the year, usually around the last week of September.    Unlike last year, our group decided to enjoy a nice camp-out in the crisp chilly autumn air in Takizawa in Iwate Prefecture, near the border of Akita before harvesting sake rice the next morning.    It was a nice experience for me, as always, to be with the locals who are all born and raised in the local area.

This will be my 6th year planting, harvesting,  and brewing sake rice all over Japan for a number of breweries - literally.   Now, this year the plan was really nice.  We camped out near an onsen ( hot spring spa) surrounded by a lush green valley.    We had about 30 members this time around and a half a dozen tents were pitched before nightfall.   Many of us were in the outdoor bath after dusk while the chefs worked on the grills.

While in the bath I had reflected on my camping expeditions years ago!  From Y…