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Lady Kaga: The Beauty of Ishikawa, Kanazawa Japan!

Yeah...I've become a bit of a foodie over the years.    Kanazawa Prefecture is more refined than Tokyo, and it's not because people do things better up in Kanazawa, but because this is the 'Little Kyoto' of the North.   Names and associations have more meaning than authenticity.    This part of Japan prides itself on NOT being Tokyo and its cuisine reflects it.    

I love me some deep purple soy sauce, a regional feature of this area.   It's sweet and murky and adds the perfect nuance to sushi.

Sushi up here rocks.  Chefs add a healthy pinch of sushi rice and the rest is all meaty goodness.    In Tokyo they add too much rice to everything including other food items.    And up here, they either serve sushi on a beautiful wooden table, or a decorative tray.   Who needs plates?  Wood is god here in Japan, never forget that.

Who needs a private bath at home when you have this communal bath.   This is spiritual power station and one could easily be energized and reliev…