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End of Winter

Goodbye winter.  I loved you - Ice sicles hanging from your sweet trellises.    I remember you, hot onsen, and how you kissed me..  Coldly with wet lips and sulfur breath.    I am sake blooded, so I am naturally warm and convivial.   Except for the wet cold nose of that wolf  and its thousand yard stare.    The growling shaky throat murmurs bellowing and snorting breathing  exhaling  icy icy cold air...     One  line of fine snot fell upon my shoulder...oooh cold.     But, I guess this is love.  

My Niigata Bitch has a cold nose....But she smelt good on the pot.  I always made sure she ate premium Japanese rice.    The toilet bowl was warmer than her heart at times, but... she loves me.   Winter is like this.    From one extreme to the next.   

Goodnight My Sweet....See you next season.

First living non-Japanese god of Japan, and the only soul left in

First living non-Japanese god of Japan, and the only soul left in

I was 1200 meters above sea level and sitting in an open-air bath full of naked female strangers.    O Yamagata, how I love thee.
("If not for the snow-clad  pines and spruces that dot the landscape, then only the women and the fresh sake most certainly would suffice the mystical beauty of thee and save the day").   

I had been sitting in an open-air bath for two hours straight.   I was the only male left in a huge open door bath on a snowy mountain peak.   I was joined by two under 30 female patrons, fully ripe and absolutely gorgeous.   Now I know how it is, sitting in a bath tub full of strangers who do not want to sit next to me.   I love the good love of female company though, especially when they are so warm and convivial.   They moved right up to me without ANY TOWEL to cover their body.    I was the only shy person in the water!   I loved how the full moon cast a light across their breast, …

Coffee in Japan

Coffee in Japan

So lets start with Doutors, a homegrown coffee shop with wooded interior.   They brew a decent Cup of Joe.  Simple menu and is one of the cheapest places for a blend, and a fairly straight forward one.   The point card is 300 yen or 3USD and you pick it up at the counter of any Doutors with a zero balance.   To activate it, just log on to their website - in Japanese.   You can navigate your way around the site if you have some Japanese abilities, if not, a J-dictionary should help.   When entering your name on the sign-up page you will need to enter it in furigana and hiragana, then enter your address and done.    Then you will be able to charge the card at any Dotours or Excelsiors and you will get points for using the card.  Having points makes you eligible  for discounts and other rewards.    As you can see in this picture below a chart.

There is a ranking system and after reaching a certain amount of points, like in my case 17,480 I can become a Gold Rank which wo…