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Zojoji Temple: the Main Temple of the Jodo-shu sect of Pure Land Buddhism

Pretty much every tourist who visits Tokyo will most likely wind up at this venerated temple in Minato-ku.   Through these doors sits a huge beautiful golden Buddha fully adorned in a solemn darkness, surrounded by souls.

The whole inner sanctuary is hallowed ground for me.   The incense and prayer sticks always gets me and puts me in the mood for prayer.    There are a row of chairs to sit on right in front of the alter and I often come here to nap in solemn repose and spiritual harmony.   I'm at home in the womb of Japan.

Reflecting on self,  helps one realize their  shortcomings.   We all have to start from self with all of our own  personal failures, and dealing with demons.   The struggle to understand the balance between god man is seldom won.

Sometimes you do not have to speak when at an alter; you can just remain silent and allowing it to take you away like on a meandering stream of consciousness through the cosmos.   I wonder how far I can project my thoughts sometimes.  Through telepathy.   Who will hear my heart bone...?

I come here to sleep in the spirit to feel the ebb of flow of consciousness.   Washing away life at the alter of solemn solitude.    A type of equilateral bliss that words cannot articulate.

I wish life could imitate art


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